Stale site? Let’s make it right.

Refreshify your site!

Design, SEO, content and security updates for your website

Your website is excruciatingly 1996, bummer. Let’s drop a mini-makeover on it and take a little cringe out of the universe.

Add Cool Content

  • Landing pages, products, sliders, video, audio
  • Banners, Images, infographics, action buttons
  • New branding and color scheme

Groovy Clicky Likey Swipey

  • Add a feed, social badges, contact forms and other useful functionality
  • Improve security and performance
  • Display correctly on phones and tablets

Rule on Google

  • Add SEO plugin
  • Write copy for humans and searchbots
  • Google Ads (AdWords)

Fast, Cheap, Awesome The price range for a Refreshify express update is $150 to $1500.

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