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Kafka Design is a Chicago-based web design studio.

Barry Kafka is the brains and brawn behind Kafka Design. He is a total square who does the right thing all the time. He speaks in a smooth jazz FM radio voice and worships intelligence and wisdom. He has designed and produced a lot of print and digital projects over the years, leaving behind a trail of satisfied clients and exhausted Apple products in his wake.

Barry is a happy go lucky chap whose personal conduct is governed by a knightly credo. His moral compass also guides him to design your digital communications in the most audience-appropriate manner possible. These days he uses a lot of big bold messaging so that even important busy people using teeny mobile devices can still see the big picture.

To unwind, Barry Kafka likes to check in with his fave design and development bloggers. He smiles approvingly at their insights on vintage typography, grid systems, design patterns and scripting languages and leaves supportive remarks in the comments sections.